MeridPORT has emerged with the gathering of our expert and experienced staff in the field of International Trade and Technology.

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Producing educational equipment, park-garden furniture, special project applications and dormitory equipment; The MeridWOOD family, known for its experience and innovative approaches in the sector, offers a strong staff and user satisfaction oriented service.

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MeridSmart Smart Home Systems is an organizing aid for modern homes, and is a system that aims to provide a seamless, simultaneous and effective smart home experience in the environment.

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In line with the needs and demands of the companies, we develop many software that will meet all demands as a result of completely special work.

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As the Meridyum Family for many years; We have very serious experience in Technology, Informatics and Software. In recent years, we have studies and projects on Electronics and Mechatronics. We have very new projects regarding autonomous systems.

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We enrich your life in all areas.

Our firm that served in software and consultation for over 20 years, was in the market to make these fields more professional network with a new firm establishment and infrastructure update in 2008. With its specialized and professional team, it is one of the companies that directing our country’s domestic and international trade.

The company that aiming to become leader in Turkey market thanks to its R-D center that has a capability to manufacture superior technologies, is planning to export these technologies to several worl countries and aims to be one of the most important countries in world market.

The goal is to contribute a more safety, more confidence and more planned world.
Growing day by day and expanding its service products, our company continues to offer a healthy, true and professional service for you.

"Creativity is just to connect things together. When you ask people who have creative abilities about how they do something, they feel a little guilty about it, because they didn't actually do anything, they just saw something."

Steve Jobs



We are your door opens to the world

Currently, In parallel with changing and developing world economy, world trade has become more free by reducing customs wall with impacts of custom unions between international organizations and some countries. However, countries are continuing to take some measures to protect their economies about foreign trade. This causes foreign trade processes to be more complicated.

On the other hand, being easier of globallization and communication increases foreign trade processes, and also bring opportunities and risks. In a world that profit rates are decrasing with increasing competition, to take advantage of opportunities and to realize risks have vital importance for companies. Therefore, need of consultants experienced in foreign trade is increased day by day.

MeridPORT has consisted by our expert and experienced team in International Trade and Technology area.

MERIDPORT is an international trade portal. Its structuring worldwide is continuing.


Everything will be much easier with us..

MeridSmart Smart Residence Systems is an aider for regulation for modern residences and a system that aims to let a free of problems, simultaneous and effective smart residence experience. Being applied in both existing and new places, MeridSmart Smart Residence Systems make your life easier by providing you control opportunity on local client or mobile application. MeridSmart Smart Residence Systems gives confidence to residence responsible person or owners with convenience.
MeridSmart Smart Residence Systems commits a short-term and building cost free installation process with wireless solutions in projected places because of that it is suitable to security, easy of use, cost management and all upgraded devices. MeridSmart Smart Residence Systems can integrate easily to users’ life. Thanks to its modular structure, you can get under control lots of products special to you in your residences by adding our system.
You can also start immediately to use new products because of the fact that you add them to system easily.
MeridSmart Smart Residence Systems is waiting for you to contact for making your life easier with Smart Home Systems, Smart Office Systems, Smart Livestock, Smart Agriculture titles.
Beyond making life easier ,MeridSmart Smart Residence Systems can provide you easy, integrated and perfectionist opportunities because it offers lots of solutions within only one panel.

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